Directly sourcing fresh produce

The cherry varieties Lapin, Sweetheart and Stacatto were bred in BC. The climate and the planting of late maturing varieties mean that BC is the last part of the Northern hemisphere to harvest fresh cherries.

Cherries are one of the most tasty, sweet fruits available and they have also been recognised for their outstanding nutrient content. A 142g (one cup) serving of fresh cherries provides 3g of fiber and 15% of your daily vitamin C, with only 90 calories.

Harvesting commences in early July and is completed by early September. Fresh Concept Canada cherry exports start with Satin, Lapin and Skeena varieties, followed by Sweetheart, Staccato and Sentennial varieties.

Size grades:

  • From 8 row (32mm+) down to 11.0 Row (24mm+)

Packaging options:

  • 9kg loose 72 boxes per pallet
  • 5kg loose 126 boxes per pallet

Custom packaging options available upon request.