Directly sourcing fresh produce

Fresh Concept Canada actively encourages producers to become part of internationally accepted food safety standards.

We ensure that growing and post harvest operations meet and exceed food safety standards. Our food safety programs include Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), CanadaGAP and GlobalGAP standards. Independent audits of growing and packing practices are essential for confidence in the safety of the food we eat. We also realise that having a certificate is not the essential component of food safety. We monitor our sources and know their business practices, we encourage integrated pest management, audit spray records and conduct residue analysis. We stay up to date with the most advanced food safety, phytosanitary and regulatory requirements of the markets we serve.

The growers we work with are proud of their produce and are working with us to ensure their and our customers are confident in food safety, quality and timely delivery.